a breif history…

It all started with a quest. A noble quest to find a pair of sunglasses for a girl with vintage taste, a small budget and a thirst for cateyes. This girl longed for sunglasses that would not only protect her from the bright Australian sun but reflect her vintage style and be gentle on the wallet. Because let's face it, even if she could afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of designer sunglasses, they would most likely meet their doom, dismembered at the bottom of her handbag. More importantly, she wanted something different, something more than the ordinary. Her answer came to her in a pair of 'Glaring Glamour' sunglasses. But then she thought, who else might face this problem?

Tessa Rickard is the creator and birth mother of Catch a Thief.

Tessa‘s love for vintage began as a child living in a 150-year-old terrace house where every detail captured her imagination and developed a romantic sense of the past. Tessa now deals in Vintage Women’s and Children’s clothing at the Vintage Emporium in Tyabb http://www.thevintageshed.com.au/Vintage-Emporium while running her private practice in Nutritional Medicine.

Jessi Leigh is a vintage bombshell born in the 80’s who has been fascinated with mid-century fashion and glamour since she was old enough to strap on a pair of tap shoes! Her obsession with style and creating the perfect outfit led her to Catch A Thief years ago, when she became a registered retailer, selling Catch A Thief from her Hair Salon and at festivals all over Victoria. 2 years ago, Jessi stepped up her involvement with the company as the official brand ambassador, and took on the duties of Wholesale manager to help lighten Tessa’s load as she finished studying and finally opened her practice as a Medicinal Nutritionist.

The time has come for someone to adopt the beautiful baby that is Catch A Thief, and although Tessa leaves behind some big and incredibly glamorous shoes to fill, Jessi Leigh hopes to take Catch A Thief to all the places Tessa dreamed it would go.